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Toucan Systems is a one-of-a-kind interactive agency.

Discover the world of IT with us.

Multimedia Applications
We design realistic applications based on a Unity 3D engine. Utilising the potential inside Augmented Reality technologies, we merge the real and the virtual creating completely new worlds. We give the user control over our apps with the use of Kinect 2.0., Leap Motion or touch control technologies.
Mobile Applications
We create both multimedia applications and business applications working with large databases. With these two combined we also create professional Closed Loop Marketing applications to be used by sales personnel.
Web applications
Developing internet technologies have contributed to more and more services being provided in the form of internet applications. These solutions are extremely convenient and, give service providers complete control over their products.
Business Intelligence
Business applications demand more than just technical skills from a developer. Here at Toucan Systems, we do our best to understand the client and their goals, so that we can provide them with what, it exactly is, they need.
Digital Signage
The introduction of new types of screens created new possibilities in advertising. Any type of medium when used correctly can become an efficient way of reaching customers. However in order to take full advantage of these new possibilities you need a stable and easy-to-operate IT system, a system we can provide.
Two things determine weather or not something is going to become a success: the idea and how it’s put into practice. The crucial element here is to provide the user with a as pleasurable an experience as possible.

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